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Hello there, and welcome to my exceedingly dull corner of the interwebs. I use this LJ mainly for football fandom activities - I support Real Madrid, Athletic Bilbao, and the Spanish national team, as well as their respective youth teams and ladies' auxiliaries (except for RM, who still don't have a women's team, grrr!). Fandom stuff, when it exists, will be unlocked, but I may keep some real-life type posts (in the highly unlikely event that I write them) locked to friends only.* Comment or PM if you want to be added/hear about such thrills as my thesis, why academia is driving me up the wall this week, and how much my latest dance class made me hurt. I don't bite. Most of the time.

*(Policies subject to change... whenever I feel like changing them. I don't really anticipate anything exciting happening here, but, you know.)

Things I Do on the Interwebs
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Since it's probably a good idea to gather these things up somewhere, might as well do it here, right?

Below the cut, links to fandom stuff I've produced, mostly translations, in chronological order. As with all things, practice makes better. Still not perfect, of course...Collapse )

not sure i'd call it artistry: my run-in with a self-styled master pick-up artist
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So, anyone who follows me on Twitter is probably aware of some of the more lulzy experiences I've had in the world of online (and real-world) dating. They haven't all been terrible - I've actually gone out with a few great guys, but nothing has worked out long-term on account of things like distance, moving out of the country, and, in one memorable case, a guy who was determined to win back his spot on the Paralympic football team - but the good ones I tend not to share for laughs, you know? But the most bizarre experience I have had thus far revealed itself this weekend. Prepare yourselves, friends, for this story is a long and slightly confusing one. (warnings for misogyny, pick-up "artistry", general harassment of women; all pictures can be embiggened by clicking) Read on, if you dare...Collapse )

tl;dr version: That makes four run-ins I've had with this dude, all of them pretty creeptastic. He and his fellow ~artists~ pride themselves on the way they take advantage of women's socialization (being nice as self-defense, fear of provoking men's anger/violence, knowing that saying "no" will create a scene and problems) to harass them not only at bars and clubs, but wherever women may be - this guy in particular recommends grocery stores, bus stops, and bookstores as places to hit on women. Almost all of the field reports that they so proudly compile as evidence of their "success with women" read to me, as a woman, as logs of harassment and making women severely uncomfortable in their everyday lives, and manipulating them into giving their numbers or subjecting them to unwanted physical contact. I don't see how they can call that art.

(Post-script: as I was finishing up the last paragraph, my phone started buzzing. Tony calling. I didn't pick up.)

On a scale of one to Brian Joubert, how badly do YOU want to be Alexei Yagudin?
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Sometime last year - around Worlds time, I don't really remember - I tweeted rather snarkily:

"Joubert... makes me feel things. Like how much I miss Alexei Yagudin. Because this program is just Yags!Lite, let's be real."

My feelings about Brian Joubert - beautiful though he is - have not much changed since the early 2000s. I've long thought that he was a decent jumper (one of the few men with a consistent quad and 3ax in those dark years when Evan Lysacek reigned supreme...) with great audience appeal (much like his countryman Philippe Candeloro, the French heartthrob of 90s skating), but not all that much actual artistic substance. In other words, Yagudin-Lite.

I did not realize until this weekend, however, just how dire the situation had become. Joubert's long program to Gladiator sent me straight back to the 2000-2001 season. See for yourselves...Collapse )

In other news, Davis and White remain flawless; if you haven't seen their amazing free dance, you definitely need to look under here:Collapse ) Make sure to enjoy the edge lift at 2:55, it's my new favorite thing in all of ice dance. (Also the rotational lift at 4:27 where Meryl looks like a literal flower.) In the meantime, I'm getting back to my new 12-Step Program for Becoming Meryl Davis.

Jen Talks Skating, Part III: The Pairs
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So, the time has come to talk about pairs - the fastest, scariest, and most dangerous of skating's four disciplines. We're talking slashed faces, concussions, skate blades stuck in heads... not to mention plain old getting dropped from ~8 feet in the air! The particular combination of speed and complicated jumps, throws, and overhead lifts (as opposed to the lower lifts of the jump-free discipline of ice dance) makes pairs really exciting to watch when done well. (Though from personal experience, you REALLY do not want to share ice with pairs, even the little ones. Best to maintain a safe distance!) Until 2010 (and excluding the very bizarre happenings of 2002), every Olympic gold in pairs was won by a Russian or Soviet team - so there's gonna be a lot of Russians up in this here list. I did have a serious debate with myself over the top spot, though... so for the first time, we're going to have a joint first position, because I love these two programs SO MUCH that I cannot decide. Cannot.

And now... on to the skating!Collapse )

Jen Talks Skating, Part II: My Favorite Men('s Programs)
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So I was more than a little tempted to just find my ten most-favorite Alexei Yagudin programs and put them in a post, done and dusted! But as much as I ADORE Yags, that would defeat the purpose of this series, which is ostensibly to get y'all acquainted with a variety of awesome skaters. Unlike ice dance, I've paid pretty much consistent attention to singles skating since the day I became captivated by Oksana Baiul, and the Russian(/former Soviet) men have always held a special place in my heart - I spent several years being utterly obsessed with Viktor Petrenko and Alexei Urmanov; eventually moved on to a babyfaced Alexei Yagudin (had a brief dalliance with Ilia Kulik but Alexei was always my fave) and grumped when Plushenko reigned supreme. (But Plushenko > Lysacek, ANY DAY.) I am currently despairing of men's skating generally (WHERE IS THE ARTISTRY?! And no, Patrick Chan is not "an artist". He just seems it in comparison to the rest of the field, which proves my point.)

Without further ado, some awesome dudes whose skating you should learn to love:Collapse )

This is a procrastination post: Best Ice Dance Programs EVER*
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Prompted by a prolonged Twitter conversation with mardia about ice dance at the NHK Trophy (... okay, and a lot of talk of how Meryl Davis is a GODDESS) and a pointed suggestion from meretricula (I quote: "I am on a bus right now but you should put together an LJ post of your favorite ice dance routines, I wanna watch!"), I hereby present:

Jennifer's Top 10 Ice Dance Programs From The Years She Has Cared About Ice Dance**Collapse )

... so apparently I have a lot of Opinions about ice dance? And that coming from a discipline I thought I ignored during my skating years. No, Virtue & Moir aren't on the list, but I figure they (and most Davis & White programs) are already known to y'all, being recent and stuff. Also I'm still salty about Vancouver, whatevs. Hopefully, dear reader, you have enjoyed at least some of these gems, and perhaps learned a little something about the marvellous art of ice dance. (Namely, that it is fucking fierce.)

* where "top ten" and "ever", of course, are highly subjective and more than a little arbitrary; I am known to like good music and gimmicks
** there were some years when ice dance was kinda boring and I was too busy trying/failing to become Sasha Cohen to watch pairs and dance

I'm still procrastinating, so here's a to-do list
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I am having Thesis Problems (namely that I hate it right now and don't want to see another book on theory of anything ever again, and probably not any chronicles either) so I have been procrastinating in three of my favorite ways: dancing, cleaning my room, and reading ALL THE FIC.

(Also football, but, ugh, Javi and Pirata. In one day. Today was not a good day.)

ANYHOW. This is a list of things I need to do, fandom-wise.Collapse )

Also, a friend (who is a better writer/has an English degree) and I were contemplating the possibility of turning the raw materials of my thesis research into best-selling bodice-ripper historical novels. Medieval political intrigue, powerful women, sexytimes... what's not to love?

(Sidenote: apparently, there's a new series on TVE about Isabel la Católica. I have something of a love-hate relationship with her, but I'm still kind of compelled to watch it.)

Plus ça change...
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Things I should be doing with my summer:

1. Working on my thesis/prepping for my viva.
2. Learning computer things.
3. Making sure I can actually still read Latin.
4. Being a fruitful contributor to that blog I somehow started about ladyballers in Spain?

Things I am actually doing with my summer:

1. Flinging myself headfirst into hockey fandom.
2. Getting some BOSS Basque-language skills.
3. Playing with makeup.
4. Dancing around the house to Nancy Ajram and working the hell out of the undulation-hip shimmy-reverse undulation-shoulder shimmy combo because it is just way too fun.

In conclusion: oh, self.

This is a procrastination post.
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Because I have a meeting with my supervisor in the morning and *still* haven't finished the draft of my first thesis chapter (oops?), I am - naturally - looking at all the pretty pictures I took during my six weeks in Madrid. For your amusement, a few of the most artsy. (NB I am not a very good photographer.)

The Roman Aqueduct in Segovia.

More pictures under here...Collapse )


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